In August of 2009, three Berklee students and a drummer formed the Kosana Quartet at a gig at a bar in Everett, Massachusetts.  Ever since, they have played every Wednesday at that same bar and restaurant.  If you are interested in hearing an mp3 of our music please email us at:  kosana.quartet@gmail.com

Flute:  Erisa Ogawa

Guitar:  Nawon Jang

Bass:  Kohei Kimura

Drums:  Nate Bae Kupel

We’d also like to thank our photographer and friend Anh Ðào Kolbe for the photo we used for our website’s banner.

Anh Ðào Kolbe

Born outside Saigon, Vietnam, Anh Ðào Kolbe came to the United States via New York City in 1972. She left two years later and grew up with her Greek and German parents in the Middle Eastern countries of Qatar and Oman, spending a good part of her childhood schooled in the British system. She came back to this country via Boston for college, but didn’t exploit her starving artist talents until after graduation. For a sample of her personal portfolio, go to www.adkfoto.com.


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